Reshaping standards, enabling change: a first look

Following our first major consultation on our draft rules and standards, I am really excited to be able to share a headline document with some of the feedback we receivedThe response has been fantastic, and we heard from so many people who all have an interest in social work. 

The consultation was an opportunity to introduce ourselves as the new, specialist social work regulator. It was our first opportunity to speak to our colleagues across the profession, and those with lived experience of social work on a large scale. It was also an opportunity to follow through on our commitment to talking to you, and listening to what you had to tell us.  

We wanted to hear your thoughts on the type of regulator you want, and any concerns you may haveThank you to everyone who took the time to talk to us – whether you attended one of the six national eventstook part in our Twitter Q&As, or responded to our online survey. 

Right now, we’re working through the detail of your valuable feedback and, quite rightly, we need to give this the time it deserves.  

We’re nearly there and once the new version of the rules and standards are finalised, we will share them with you. However, we didn’t want there to be a gap. We wanted to keep talking to you, and let you know the progress we are making. That’s where this report comes in. It will tell you some of the key points you raised with us – what you liked about the draft rules and standards, and what you didn’t. And while we may not always agree on every point, we will keep listening, and keep talking to you. We hope you will do the same. 

Thanks again.

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Sarah Blackmore

Sarah Blackmore

Sarah is the Executive Director of Standards and qualified as a social worker from Trinity College Dublin in 1997. Since then, she has worked in a variety of national and international contexts, from frontline practice in Dublin, to working with street children and ex-child soldiers in Sierra Leone during the civil war, to managing services for children and families in the UK. Sarah has worked across statutory, voluntary and regulatory services. She has spent the last six years in Scotland, where she was Deputy Director of Inspection with the Scottish social care regulator, and Executive Director of Delivery and Development for a large mental health charity.