Reshaping standards, enabling change: consultation response

Earlier this year we launched a 10 week consultation on our rules and professional standards and education and training standards that will be the basis on which we will regulate social workers in England. As part of this consultation we engaged with and listened to thousands of people who told us what they thought of […]

Reshaping standards, enabling change: emerging themes

In spring 2019, we consulted on the rules and standards that will enable us to regulate social workers in England. This consultation was our first major opportunity to bring people together to consider the cornerstones of our regulation. As we analyse your responses, we’ve pulled together a document detailing the emerging themes so far. More […]

Appointment rules 2019

These rules focus on the appointment of people to fulfil a number of roles. This includes inspectors whom we may appoint in connection with the approval or re-approval of any course, qualification or test in relation to social work.  The rules also cover the appointment of, and requirements and restrictions around, three roles in our […]