Appointment rules 2019

These rules focus on the appointment of people to fulfil a number of roles. This includes inspectors whom we may appoint in connection with the approval or re-approval of any course, qualification or test in relation to social work.  The rules also cover the appointment of, and requirements and restrictions around, three roles in our fitness to practise process – the process that regulators use where there are concerns about the ability of a registrant to practise. These roles are:

  1. Investigators, who will undertake enquiries and gather evidence about individual cases;
  2. Case examiners, who will determine whether a case should be taken forward following an investigation, and can (in certain circumstances) agree case outcomes with registrants; and
  3. Adjudicators, who will run hearings where they are required to determine the final case outcome, including deciding whether fitness to practise is impaired and, if so, what sanction is appropriate. Adjudicators may also make interim orders to suspend or impose a restriction or condition on a social worker’s practice with immediate effect.

Finally, these rules also deal with the appointment of advisers, who may be appointed to any of the above roles.

Version history

13 August 2019: Specific amendments have been made to these rules in order to remove the blanket prevention from application for particular roles based on a criminal conviction, which aligns with what we said we would do in our consultation response.