Reshaping standards, enabling change

Every day, social workers support millions of people to improve their chances in life. Social Work England is a specialist body taking a new approach to regulating the profession. We believe in the power of collaboration and share a common goal with those we will regulate—to protect the public, enable positive change and ultimately improve […]

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A new identity for social work regulation

Those of you browsing our channels might have noticed that we look a little different. To give you some context, Social Work England is set to become the new specialist regulator for social workers following legislation announced last year. We have been building our organisation from the ground up in readiness for when we will take over responsibility from the current regulator, […]

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Guest blog: Lyn Romeo on regulating the social work profession

Our guest blog this month is from Lyn Romeo, who has acted as Chief Social Worker for Adults since September 2013. In this role, Lyn continues to champion the highest standards of person-centred practice, continuing professional development and social work’s capacity to transform lives for the better. In this blog, she explains her involvement with Social Work England, […]

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The first steps to building an efficient and proportionate fitness to practise process

I’m delighted to join Social Work England as executive director of fitness to practise at such a critical time in our journey to become the new specialist regulator of the social work profession in England. I have worked in health and social care regulation for over ten years and have contributed to a range of […]

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Our identity

Social Work England are delighted to announce the appointment of  Hemingway Design to develop our visual identity and communicate our mission. Hemingway Design are a multi-disciplinary design agency committed to working with people through co-design and listening. They have a unique philosophy that sits well with our ethos –  “design about improving things that matter in life”. Hemingway […]

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The Chair’s update

I was delighted that Parliament approved regulations to give Social Work England the opportunity to pioneer new approaches that will bring significant improvements to the way social workers are held to account, supported and recognised for the vital work they do for the most vulnerable people in our society. The regulations provide a strong foundation […]

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Welcome from the Chief Executive

I am delighted to be appointed as the first Chief Executive of Social Work England. As a registered social worker and someone who has led the professional regulator for social work in Northern Ireland for the past 5 years, I know first-hand the complexity and challenge in social work as well as its reward and […]

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