IT from the ground up

Having worked in IT for over 20 years, most of my work has been in support of incremental improvements or, where a new capability is being launched, integrating new functionality into existing processes. Things are very different at Social Work England – we are building everything from the ground up – the team, the infrastructure and the application estate.

Discussions of integration and interoperability with existing services and applications has been replaced with innovation, innovation and more innovation. From a technical point of view, this is a refreshing change and means that we take a different approach to problem-solving. Whilst this is a really exciting time, it also comes with its own unique challenges as the desire to innovate is tamed by the need to deliver.

Meet the team

The IT team have a wealth of experience in both central government and the private sector but more importantly, there is a collective desire to support our colleagues deliver a world-class service to everyone who has an interest in our work.

Given our relatively small size and the wide variety of activities we support, no two days are the same, but this never seems to faze the team. If anything, they thrive on the challenge.

We have also partnered with CDS, a local IT supplier, to deliver our core business applications and customer-facing website. In a short space of time, we moved from a supplier/customer relationship to a partnership working towards delivering the best digital experiences possible.

The IT team at Social Work England

The Social Work England IT Team (L-R: Jacqui, Neil, David, Alex, Lisa)

Our future plans

Our immediate priority is to ensure that we have the systems, processes and procedures in place to be a successful regulator when we take over from the Health and Care Professions Council. However, we also want to capitalise on this rare opportunity of establishing a regulator from scratch and make innovation part of our DNA. Fortunately, the IT team are a fundamental enabler of innovation and we are involved in a number of projects that are being set up to regulate over 95,000 social workers in England.

Can you help?

Our journey has only just begun and to deliver the ambitious plans we need enthusiastic individuals to join our IT team. We are now advertising for two IT developers along with a junior IT support technician, and more roles are planned for later in the year.

If you think Social Work England sounds like the place for you, head over to our vacancy page. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on our recruitment pages and the frequently asked questions, please email our recruitment team.

David Bates

David Bates

David is the Head of IT & Data at Social Work England who has considerable IT experience, primarily gained in the financial services sector. David started his career at an aviation insurance company as an IT Developer before moving onto to a leading international bank. Prior to joining Social Work England, David was the Global Infrastructure Manager for Asset Management and Global Banking, where he implemented DevOps practices which resulted in lower cost, higher quality and time to market improvements.