Building one of Sheffield’s newest legal teams

I first visited the Steel City when I was 17. I had friends who were keen snowboarders, so I spent many Friday evenings on the dry ski slopes looking down across the city.

It was in my final year of law school, at University of Sheffield, that I fell in love with this fantastic, hilly city and its friendly people.

The start of my career in law took me to London however, where I trained at a small firm. Sheffield played a big part. I saw the advertisement on the law school careers board and both the trainee above me and the trainee who followed me, were University of Sheffield alumni.

I qualified as a solicitor in London, November 2003. Since then, I have worked in several roles which led to or stemmed from protecting the public.

Social Work England

When I decided that it was time to leave London and move back to Yorkshire, Social Work England was the perfect reason to return to Sheffield.

It was a colleague who showed me the Social Work England advertisement. The role called for someone to develop and lead the legal directorate and, along with the wider executive leadership team, set up Social Work England as the new, specialist regulator for the social work profession in England.

Completely in line with my work values, Social Work England’s over-arching objective is the protection of the public.

A fantastic opportunity

I’m thrilled to be back in Sheffield, in what seems like a full circle, as the Executive Director of Legal. We are now recruiting the legal directorate and I am excited to build one of Sheffield’s newest legal teams, bringing more great people to Social Work England.

This is a fantastic opportunity to further broaden the legal market in our region. Recruitment will cover three areas: data protection and information governance, legal and internal quality and improvement.

We will start our recruitment with advertisements for a Head of Data Protection and Information Governance as well as a Data Protection and Information Manager. GDPR and how we handle information is crucial, particularly as Social Work England will receive the data of over 95,000 social work professionals from the current regulator, HCPC.

Our legislation

Social Work England is an organisation established by statute and the law is the thread running through all our regulatory functions. This means that much of what we do as the regulator stems from our legislation – The Children and Social Work Act 2017 and the Social Workers Regulations 2018.

We will be recruiting two senior lawyers: one to lead on our regulatory work and one to lead on our procurement, commercial and employment advice. There will also be vacancies for two lawyers who will work with and advise our registration and fitness to practise directorates.

We want to get things right

As a new organisation, Social Work England has a wonderful opportunity to set the rules and standards for the way in which we will work together as an organisation and the way that we will regulate the profession.

We are committed to getting things right, but we know that may not always happen. The Internal Quality and Improvement Manager, along with the Internal Quality and Improvement Officer, will play a big part in enabling us to ensure that we’re following our policies and procedures – and identifying areas where we can learn lessons and continuously improve.

Join us

This is a fantastic time to join Social Work England, be that as a data protection and information specialist, a lawyer or as part of our internal quality and improvement team.  Please check current vacancies on our website and LinkedIn page where all these roles will be advertised in the first instance.

If you have any questions that can’t be answered by our recruitment pages and the frequently asked questions, please do email our recruitment team.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully, working with you!

Nadine Pemberton

Nadine Pemberton

Nadine is the executive director of legal with extensive experience as a lawyer in the public sector. She started her career as a prosecutions lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service and then Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office before taking on an advisory role at what is now the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Prior to joining Social Work England, Nadine was the head of governance and legal services at the Care Quality Commission where she was key in transforming the way in which the organisation undertook its criminal enforcement work and where she led a significant change programme within governance and legal services.