Consultation on appointment rules

This consultation focused on the first set of our rules. These rules operate within the framework set by our primary and secondary legislative framework and set out in more detail some of the processes and procedures that we will use operationally. Of course, in establishing ourselves as a new organisation, and in advance of taking over regulation, we have also been working closely with the current regulator (the Health and Care Professions Council) to ensure a smooth and safe transition of functions.

We are rightly required to consult when making rules. This provides an opportunity for people – including social workers and members of the public – to challenge our thinking and help shape the way that we will operate. We will also be consulting with our professional expert group to further ensure that those who are likely to be affected by them have supported the development of them.

This consultation sought views on our proposed rules for:

  • the appointment of advisers by Social Work England;
  • the establishment of panels of advisers;
  • the role of inspectors appointed to inspect courses of education and training; and
  • requirements and restrictions in relation to those appointed as case examiners, investigators and adjudicators for fitness to practise proceedings.

This consultation referenced the following documents:

The consultation opened on 8 November and closed 19 December 2018. The consultation response can be found here, with the appointment rules found here.